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Bristol City TV ja stream

Enjoy a complete schedule of all televised and streamed Bristol City matches on TV for the 2019/2020 season. Bristol City is notable for its participation in the EFL Championship, EFL and FA Cup.

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Historical Background

Bristol City Football Club was founded in 1894, although originally it was known as Bristol South End. The club changed its name to Bristol City F.C. in 1897 and has remained with that choice ever since, although fans (and some commentators of Bristol City TV games) also refer to the team as The Robins.

The team currently plays in the English Football League (EFL) Championship, which is just one tier below the Premier League. Bristol Rovers have played in the top tier, although never for consecutive seasons. However, the team still has a large and loyal following, and fans who can’t attend matches in person often like to watch Bristol City live streams so that they can enjoy the action from the comfort of their own homes.

Bristol City have played at Ashton Gate stadium since 1904 and have had a professional rivalry with fellow Bristol-based club Bristol Rovers for many decades. The Robins have experienced a number of progressions and declines over the years and are currently enjoying an extended period in the Championship, having been most recently promoted to the second tier of English football in 2015.

Club Badge and Colours

The Bristol City club badge is based on the Bristol coat of arms and shows a pair of unicorns facing each other with a simple representation of the city between them, A red scroll underneath the image bears the name BRISTOL CITY FC and the year 1897.

Bristol City has its own official anthem, which is a 1976 song called One for the Bristol City by comedic West Country ('scrumpy and western') band The Wurzels. The team also has an official mascot, which is a robin called Scrumpy.

The home strip of Bristol City comprises a red shirt, white shorts and red socks, which makes players very easy to recognise for anyone who happens to be watching football on TV. The away strip is less colourful but just as distinctive, and consists of a white shirt, black shorts and black socks. A third strip of purple shirt, green shorts and purple socks is also used from time to time.

Key Players and Managers

Bristol City have been managed by Lee Johnson since 2016. Previous managers of note include Steve Cotterill, Derek McInnes, Gary Johnson, Joe Jordan, Alan Dicks and Fred Ford.

Key former players for Bristol City include Hörður Magnússon, Aden Flint, Jonathan Kodjia, Wade Elliot, David James, Lee Trundle, Lee Johnson and Louis Carey.

Key players who are on the current squad for Bristol City include captain Bailey Wright, forwards Matty Taylor and Andreas Weimann, midfielders John Brownhill and Liam Walsh, defenders Eros Pisan and Nathan Baker, and goalkeeper Frank Fielding.

Honours, Noteworthy Stats and Memorable Moments 

Bristol City are no strangers to achievement in the world of professional football, and here are just a few of their most notable moments:

  • Winning 30 matches from 38 in 1905/06, with 14 of those match wins being consecutive.
  • Reaching the First Division (first tier) of English football in 1906.
  • Winning the League One (third tier) title in 2014/15 and gaining promotion back to the Championship for 2015/16.