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Jalkapallo TV ja stream

Huippufutista on nykyään runsaasti tarjolla TV:stä sekä striimeinä. YLE TV2 ja Areena esittävät suomalaisille jalkapallon EM-kisat 2020 sekä MM-kisat 2022. Viasat ja Viaplay seuraavaksi tärkeimpiä jalkapallon tv-oikeuksia. Viaplay/Viasat näyttävät Suomen miesten maajoukkueen EM- ja MM-karsintaottelut sekä Suomen pelit UEFA:n Kansojen liigassa. Tämän lisäksi Viasat/Viaplay esittävät Englannin Valioliigaa. Mestaruusliigaa sekä FA Cupia, Bundesliigaa sekä Belgian ja Skotlannin pääsarjojen otteluita. Maksuton Viafree esittää kaikki Suomen jalkapallomaajoukkueen karsintapelit sekä ottelut Kansojen liigassa. Mestarien liiga siirtyi C Morelle syksyllä 2018 ja näkyy kanavalla kauden 2020-21 loppuun asti. C More esittää myös Eurooppa-liigan kaikki ottelut 2018-2021. Kotimaista Veikkausliigaa voi seurata suoratoistopalvelu Ruudun välityksellä, kun taasElisa Viihde Sport esittää jalkapallon Ykkösen ottelut. .

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Premier League

The Premier League is the best way to experience English football match on tv. The annual championship sees 20 national clubs battling it out to raise the coveted EPL trophy. Fans from across the Isles and all over the world tune in to Premier League tv stations to watch the action live as it unfolds.

With well-known teams, such as Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal contesting the position of winners, the Premier League tv rights are naturally very much sought after. It is estimated that over 4.7 billion viewers watch Premier League football fixtures on tv every year, which is astounding, considering the many different championships organized concurrently.

So far, 49 clubs have participated in the League's promotion and relegation system. This motivates each team to outdo themselves in every match, providing viewers of Premier League on tv an entertaining and memorable experience.

Champions League

The UEFA Champions League is a football competition bringing some of the best European clubs competing against one another. The annual event attracts millions of viewers who eagerly cheer their favourite team whilst watching live Champions League fixtures on tv.

With a total of about 80 teams forming part of the qualifiers, the Champions League tv schedule helps viewers identify the dates and times their team is playing. Thanks to the option of watching sport on tv, it is possible to quickly locate a website to catch the Champions League on tv tonight.

The participating teams compete in the group stage before qualifying for the round of 16. During the knock-out stage with a first leg and a second leg pro game the winning teams proceed to quarter finals of Champions League. The last four remaining teams compete in the semi finals and the following final of Champions League to crown Europe's best football club team.

The Spanish team of Real Madrid is the current title holders as well as the team which has won the title the greatest number of times. Those watching Champions League on tv are aware that any team that faces them has a tough challenge ahead. Nevertheless, surprises are not uncommon, and there is nothing better than watching the underdog beat the incumbent.

Europa League

A more recent addition to the list of European football championships, the Europa League has become a staple favourite amongst fans. The competition is seen as inferior to the Champions League, however, it still attracts millions of viewers who enjoy watching the Europa League on tv.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Spanish teams hold the most recent winner's title and also the record for the most wins. Atletico Madrid won the 2017-18 edition, whilst Sevilla has won the winner's title five times. As fans who love to follow English football on tv would know, Liverpool has won the competition three times, as have Juventus, Inter, and current winner Atletico Madrid.

Once UEFA Europa League reaches the final stages, 48 teams challenge each other for the top spot, and for an opportunity to compete in the Champions League the following season. This produces some exciting matches which viewers watching Europa League fixtures on tv have become accustomed to.

FA Cup

The FA Cup was first organized 148 years ago, in 1871, making it the oldest national football competition anywhere in the world. The championship welcomes over 700 clubs from England and Wales, giving them an opportunity to compete at different levels. For viewers, the FA Cup presents a great way to watch English football on tv, as they can watch multiple games at a time and look out for the up-and-coming teams and players of the season.

Whilst most non-league clubs don't make it past the qualifiers, the matches are still played at a professional level, with some very entertaining moments. For fans of the major football teams, the FA Cup presents an opportunity to watch a football match on tv without the stress of demanding a win from a particular team.


The English Football League Championship, known amongst fans as the Championship, is an annual football event which welcomes 24 clubs of the highest divisions. Fans can tune in to the Championship tv to watch live matches which could relegate a team to League One or promote it to the Premier League.

The current champions of the competition are Wolverhampton Wanderers (The Wolves), who have won the title for their second time. Norwich City F.C. has won the Championship the most times, a total of four.

Each team plays against its opponent twice, once at home and once away. Very often, during the second leg, the team which lost the first match is energized not to lose again. This provides fans watching football on tv with an entertaining 90-minute spectacle.

Serie A

The Serie A is Italy's principal national football league, with over 50 million viewers following the top teams consistently. 20 of the country's best clubs challenge each other in a competition which is over 120 years old. Fans who cannot populate the cheering stadiums can conveniently follow the Serie A on tv. There they can stay up to date with the latest results of their favourite teams.

Juventus is the championship's current winners and the club with the most wins, a total of 34. Far behind are Milan and Inter, bitter rivals who have each won the competition 18 times. With a loyal following, not only in Italy but across the world, many people enjoy watching the Serie A on tv and rejoicing when their favourite scores and wins.

La Liga

The home of the European football champions, Spain, is also home to the popular La Liga championship. Welcoming 20 of the nation's top football clubs, La Liga is broadcast live across the world. Viewers from far away countries, such as Brazil and Argentina, tune in regularly to watch La Liga on tv.

Real Madrid holds the title for most wins, with a total of 33 titles. Barcelona is the current title holders, their 25th championship win. Other title winners include Atletico Madrid, Athletic Bilbao, and Valencia. All the teams in the tournament are professionally trained, which guarantees entertaining moments for cheering fans.

Those who enjoy watching sport on tv are spoilt for choice when it comes to football competitions. Anyone who wishes to watch live football on tv today can easily find the tv stations who hold the broadcast rights.


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