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Boxing is a full-contact sport which is very popular across the world. The majority of official competitions are broadcast to views watching Boxing live on TV, and this has helped the sport grow to become a major one. The intense fights, where combatants are allowed to throw punching combinations of jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts.

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Today we can see boxing on TV or PPV almost everywhere, it is one of the most ancient sports, with its popularity boxing is still a major sport throughout the world with many followers and fighters. It receives different critique from the viewers, some people call barbarian, no other elements than just punching and fighting each other... But is it really true? We would like to say no, it's a sport of grace and sportsmanship, you get 2 boxers who do their best to survive and knock the other one out, and to do this they have different techniques, different styles and different mindsets. You can find aggressive big punch boxer, like Mike Tyson, who will attract crowds from allover the world. Who wouldn't be amazed by the speed, power and will of one of the best boxers in history. Or you get the more technical type of a boxer like Floyd Mayweather Jr., dancing through the punches he rarely gets hit and can easily pick his shots from his very mobile stance. With his quick feet he has avoided some of the best punchers out there, and instead of getting hit he has been delivering hits for years and years.

Rules of boxing

In boxing you have a set of rules for everyone, they are quite straightforward. You can only use your hands to legally inflict pain to your opponent, but you may use them however you please. No elbows or kicks are allowed, you can not headbutt an opponent or anything similar. This is a sport where your hands will do the talking, all punches need to be landed over the belt, not on the kidneys and you can not punch in the back of the head due to safety reasons.

Boxing is fought in a “boxing ring”, funny part about it is that it's actually a square and not a ring. The fighters fight 3 minute rounds, a fight will go on for 12 rounds unless someone stops it midway. It can be stopped via different ways, a knockout where a fighter is simply knocked out and can't keep on boxing, if a fighter is knocked to the ground he has 10 seconds to get back up and fight, if he can't he is considered knocked out. The referee can also step in and stop the fight if he believes a fighter to be done or be unable to defend himself or any similar reason. Then he will stop it and the winner will win by technical knock out (TKO). A fight can also be stopped if one boxer brakes any of the given rules, the other fighter will then be handed the win. Between every round you get 1 minute of rest. The ring is made out of ropes that make the square, you can not grab the ropes for extra support or similar, you may lean on them though if you are under heavy pressure.

Boxers of today

In the world today we see great boxing on livestream, pay-per-view or TV, with big names like Anthony Joshua, Canelo Alvarez and Tyson Fury still going at it we know there is a big interest of the sport.

Over the world we can find 4 major boxing organizations who arrange fights and have belts for fighters to win. They are the IBF, WBA, WBO and WBC. Each organization has their own belt for all weight classes.

Some world-known belt holders in time were:

  • Lennox Lewis (41-1-2)
  • Muhammad Ali (56-5)
  • Mike Tyson (50-2-6)
  • Gennady Golovkin (39-2).

Moments in boxing worth remembering

In the world of boxing there has been many fights worth remembering, with all the action the sport has to offer we see super fights almost every year! Just recently we saw British boxer Tyson Fury do a comeback after having mental issues for a year and gaining lots of weight, when he was heckled by the American Deontay Wilder and started working towards a comeback. He was back fast and first did a smaller bout to see he still had it in him, he won and then went on to fight Wilder in a highly anticipated bout where they came out drawing, but Fury won in most peoples eyes and they will fight again soon.

Another historical event that will never be forgotten was when Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield were going at it against each other for the 2nd time. Mike Tyson lost all sense in the 3rd round when he simply took aim and bit off a piece of Holyfield's ear and spat it out on the canvas. Obviously the fight was stopped and Tyson lost his boxing license. Years later they have become friends and even did a commercial together joking about the event.

A recent memorable fight was when UK-favorite Anthony Joshua was going to defend his belt against challenger Andy Ruiz Jr. Joshua was the heavily anticipated favorite to win it, but was stopped in the 7th round by TKO and Ruiz Jr. left with all of Joshua's 3 belts. This was an upset as Ruiz Jr. wasn't even scheduled for this fight at first but replaced Jarrell Miller for the bout as he failed drug tests beforehand. Ruiz hit the canvas early on in the fight but came back and made Joshua taste blood several times and knocked him down 4 times before he was finally TKO'd.

Make sure not to miss out on all the upcoming action, there is a rematch for both Tyson Fury vs Wilder and Joshua vs Ruiz Jr. We follow both bouts with great interest and hope that you do too! Boxing can be seen on TV, PPV or via live-stream wherever you find, be sure not to miss out on the action.