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ATP TV ja stream

Enjoy a complete schedule of all streamed and televised ATP Tour matches in 2019.  The 2019 ATP Tour calendar is made up of the Grand Slam tournaments (supervised by the International Tennis Federation (ITF)), the ATP Tour Masters 1000, the ATP Tour 500 series, the ATP Tour 250 series, the Davis Cup (organised by the ITF), and the ATP Finals. 

ATP ei sisällä tiedossa olevia live-lähetyksiä. Palaa aloitussivulle


Historical Background

The Association of Tennis Professionals, or simply the ATP, is one of the main governing bodies for professional men’s tennis. The organisation, which has been in operation since 1973, first began to protect the rights of male tennis players, but over the last 46 years have branched out to be involved in the game on a larger scale.

Today, as well as being responsible for organising the rankings of male tennis players, they also host a series of their own annual tournaments, which are considered major events in the tennis calendar and when it comes to tennis on tv, are some of the most watched events too.

Noteworthy Rankings

One of the main roles performed by the ATP is to classify the top 100 players in the men’s game. They do this via measuring their performance via a point system which reflects the performance of male players in the top 9 tournaments in the tennis calendar, including 5 of ATPs own.

The year's rankings are noteworthy in general as this is the first-time former number 1, Andy Murray doesn't feature due to his retirement from injury. Currently, by far, Novak Djokovic of Serbia is in the top spot with 10955 points, with Raphael Nadal coming in a second place but with over nearly 3000 points less. A further 2000 points behind will find Germany’s 21-year-old rising star, Alexander Zverev, while the rest of the rankings are a bit of a dog-fight with very narrow margins separating their spots.

Of course, these rankings move up and down on a regular basis, so no-one's spot is ever completely secure. With a whole summer of tennis ahead of us, most of which will contribute to the rankings, before the summer is over, we could see a much different ranking board.

Memorable TV Moments/Wins

As mentioned, ATP’s event is some of the most watched tennis on tv occasions of the year. Even when it comes to the sport on TV calendar, their events are a prominent fixture. This is thanks to their massively competitive nature which pits tennis best of the best against one another. Over the years, it has played host to some incredible tennis on tv moments ever. 

Some very memorable moments over the year, include the insane forehand shot from the Bryan brothers’ in the 2014 competition, where debates over luck or judgement go on, and bizarre occurrences like when we witnessed Man City striker, Sergio Aguero play a round of tennis against his countryman, Juan Martin Del Potro. However, these happenings aside, when it comes to ATP events, we really see the best of what tennis can offer. One of the most prominent matches that springs to mind are Djokovic's masterclass at the 2012 finals, or Federer winning the tournament for the 6th time in his 100th career final back in 2011.

However, each year brings more excitement and last year was no exception. This was thanks to world number 3, Alexander Zverev’s performance in the ATP Finals, when he defeated Federer in the semi-final before overcoming Djokovic in the final to become the youngest tour champion ever, ironically since Djokovic himself. As well as this, he became the first German since Boris Becker to win the title back in 1995.

You can no doubt expect more exciting moments this year too, so make sure you tune in to tennis on tv this summer.

Key Players

Every year, there are several players who absolutely dominate and always, do. This year though, the events will be missing one, in the form of Andy Murray. This means in some ways, it is more open than ever before for the remaining players competing.

The tour this year will, of course, include world rankings number 1 and 2, Djokovic and Nadal. Djokovic is the only male player to have won all nine of the ATP World Tour Masters 1000 tournaments. While Nadal has won the greatest number of ATP Masters 1000 singles titles. This is to name just a few of their ATP achievements, and they are both always a force to be reckoned with and are certainly going to be looking to build on these impressive records and take home as much as they can this year too.

As well as this, there is no forgetting the Swiss legend, Roger Federer, who despite his age is still competing at the highest level and still ranked as number 7 in the world, so his chances of success can never be ruled out. Especially when you consider his track record of 27 ATP Masters and 6 ATP Finals already. 

While, we haven’t even mentioned last year’s ATP Finals Champion, Alexander Zverev, who will be competing once again in the hope of defending his title in what would be an incredibly impressive feat.  Not to mention a few other young bucks who will be hoping to make their presence felt as this year’s competitions too.

2019 ATP Tour

This year’s events promise to bring even more excitement to the forefront of tennis and there are many of their events happening in the very near future. Next month sees both the 2019 BNP Paribas Open and the Miami Open kicking off within weeks of each other. This is then followed by a whole month of different ATP Tour events throughout April and then, of course, a whole summer full of big events that aren’t worth missing out on all the way up to November.  As such, if you are looking to follow the best of what the male tennis world has to offer, stay up to date with the tour calendar online. Be sure to keep checking out this space to watch tennis on TV!