Sky Sports TV Guide

Sky Sport has long established itself as the quintessential sport on tv channel in the UK. Despite some competition from some other tv providers in recent years that have challenged their monopoly, they remain one of the best places to watch sport on tv today.

They still offer the widest selection of live sport on TV coverage, as well as highlights of the weeks sporting action, sports news and sport talk shows, thus they offer comprehensive sports coverage 365 days a year. As such, whatever you are a fan of sport-wise, you will be able to catch some exclusive action if you decide to subscribe to their service.

Sky Sport Main Event

This service allows you to always consistently watch the biggest action of the day, whatever that might be, in the same place. When you access this channel, depending on what sport on tv is happening that day, you will be able to watch the biggest event, whether it is football, cricket, golf or whatever else. Thus, this service guarantees you won’t miss the best of live sport on tv that day.

Sky Sport Cricket                       

Sky Sport Cricket offers all the latest goings-on in the cricket world and you are always likely to find the best of the international test live cricket on TV, as well as county games too. Right now, for example, you will find the remaining tests between New Zealand and Bangladesh Test series up until 19th March, on both Sky Sports Cricket and Sky Sport main event.

As well as international Twenty20 cricket too, with the Twenty 20 Series 2019 also available on the Sky Sport Cricket service. Right now, you can watch the remaining matches between South Africa and Sri Lanka up until the end of the month.  As well as international, the county live cricket on TV can be found here too, with the upcoming match between Kent Spitfires and Hampshire happening on the 17th. This is just now though, and they have different events happening all throughout the year. 

Sky sport Football

You can find live football on tv today, and pretty much every other day on at least one of Sky Sport’s channels. Their biggest offerings are made up of English Football on TV, with everything from the Championship to League 2 on offer throughout the week. However, it is not only English Football on tv they offer, and you can watch football on tv from across the world, with everything from The Scottish Premier League to the American MLS League available.

What’s more, they even offer some of the highest quality of football in the world, with Live Champions League matches on-going until May, as well as the European Qualifiers kicking off very soon for some international football on TV. They also hosted the Carabao Cup coverage, including the Final, but this is now over. 

Sky Sport Premier League

Sky Sport previously had exclusive rights to the Premier League TV, but now, other channels also broadcast a few of the games. That said, Sky Sports remain top dog when it comes to Premier League TV, and still offer the lion’s share of the games. You will usually find at least 4 Premier League TV  games here, 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday, made up usually of one early kick-off and one afternoon kick off each day. The only Premier League TV you will have to go elsewhere for is the late kick-off, as the Premier TV rights to these games belong to another service provider.

As you can see, for some of the biggest live sport on tv events there are, Sky Sports is a solid option. However, these are just three of their sports offerings and you can find loads more options, including Boxing, Golf, Rugby and much, much more on their service.