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Wigan TV ja stream

Enjoy a complete schedule of all televised and streamed Wigan Athletic matches on TV for the 2019/2020 season. Wigan Athletic is notable for its participation in the EFL Championship and FA Cup.

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Historical Background

Wigan Athletic Football Club is not as old as some of the teams in the English Football League, but it is still one with a strong and loyal following. Founded in 1932, the team attracts plenty of fans to its stadium, and many more like to watch Wigan Athletic TV games as well as Wigan Athletic live streams. Several other Wigan-based teams tried to establish themselves in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, only to fold, but Wigan Athletic succeeded where the likes of Wigan County failed.

The most popular nicknames for this team are The Latics and The Tics, both of which are derived from the second half of the official Wigan Athletic name. Of course, many fans refer to the team simply as Wigan, and there is never any doubt about who they are talking about.

Wigan Athletic have played at DW Stadium ever since it opened in 1999. Prior to that, the team were based at Springfield Park – a venue which they had occupied since their formation in 1932. 

Club Badge and Colours

The club badge of Wigan Athletic was originally based on the Wigan coat of arms, and included a castle, a king's head, two lions and a branch of mountain ash. The current badge looks completely different, but makes perfect sense when viewed with the historical badge in mind. It has a circular shape, with a blue and white background and a tree and a crown occupying the centre – elements which hearken back to the branch of mountain ash and king’s head. The date 1932 appears below the crown and the name WIGAN ATHLETIC appears in blue against a white border.

The home strip of this team maintains the blue and white theme of the badge, and comprises a white shirt with blue vertical panel, blue shorts and blue socks. The away strip consists of a yellow shirt with blue shoulders and blue vertical lines, yellow shorts with blue trim and yellow socks.

Key Players and Managers

Wigan Athletic are managed by Paul Cook, a former professional player who had previously played for the team in the 1980’s. Cook was appointed manager in 2017 and follows a long line of earlier managers, including Warren Joyce, Roberto Martinez, Steve Bruce, Paul Jewell and Ian McNeill.

Key former players for Wigan Athletic include Jimmy Weston, Antonio Valencia, Paul Sharner, Roberto Martinez, David Lowe, Emile Heskey, Nigel Adkins, Kevin Langley and Ian Gillbrand.

Key players on the current Wigan Athletic squad include captain Sam Morsy, forwards Gavin Massey and Callum McManaman, midfielders Jamie Walker and Shaun MacDonald, defenders Nathan Byrne and Danny Fox and goalkeeper Owen Evans.

Honours, Noteworthy Stats and Memorable Moments 

Whilst they are not the oldest football club by any means, Wigan Athletic have still been around for almost nine decades, and have achieved plenty. Some of their most notable honours include winning the:

  • league at the second tier in 2004/05
  • league at the third tier in 2002/03, 2015/16 and 2017/18
  • League Cup in 2005/06
  • FA Cup in 2013