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Sheffield Wednesday TV ja stream

Who? The Owls, That's Hoo! This team, nicknamed The Owls, presumably for playing in the Owlerton district of Sheffield, but catching on in 1912 when an owl mascot was introduced, is one of the best teams of their division. Don't believe us? Well, here's why you should watch Sheffield Wednesday on TV and live stream! Better yet, we recommend for you to keep an eye out for our up-to-date TV schedule, that way, you'll surely not miss any of their games.

Ei tulevia tapahtumia. Katso Jalkapallo muut lähetykset.

Historical Background

Sheffield Wednesday Football Club is a professional football club that plays in the EFL (English Football League) Championship, England's second-highest level of football! It's one of the world's oldest clubs, since it was founded 152 years ago in 1867, as a branch of The Wednesday Cricket Club!

The club was originally known as the Wednesday Football Club, before changing to their current name in 1929. The club went professional in 1889, first joining the Football Alliance, and then the Football League (nowadays known as the EFL) in 1892.

Colours and Crest

It didn't seem to take the Owls long to decide on their colours! The original kits blue-and-white horizontally striped shirts. It was in 1891 that the team then decided on vertical stripes, instead of horizontal ones, keeping the same colours.

The first crest was introduced in 1956: it was a shield with an owl perched on a branch bearing the Sheffield sheaves, with the White Rose of York beneath and the letters S and W on either side of the owl's head. Beneath the shield was a scroll with the club's motto in LatinConsilio et Animinis (By Wisdom and Courage).

Then, in 1973, they switched to a minimalist drawing of an owl. Afterwards, in 1995, they used a similar design to the first crest, but with the club's initials and without the motto. Then, in 1999, they switched back to the minimalist owl atop the club's initials and the words Est. 1867. Finally, in 2016, they went back to the 1956 crest!


Up until 1899, they played at various grounds, such as HighfieldBramall LaneSheaf House, and Olive Grove. Then, the team moved to Owlerton Stadium (later renamed Hillsborough Stadium in 1914), remaining their home since then!


The Owl's archenemies are their neigbouring team: Sheffield United F.C. Whenever these two duke it out on the field, the matches are known as Steel City Derbies, because of the steel industry Sheffield is known for. The rivalry between them extends all the way back to 1890, when they played their first match. 

Notable Honours

The Owls have proven themselves to be one of the best by winning the Football League First Division 4 times, the Football League Second Division 5 times, the FA Cup 3 times, the EFL Cup once, and the FA Community Shield once!

Key Players

So many great players, so little time! The first on our list is Steven Fletcher who scored 11 goals this season and who holds a rating of 7.09! Then there's Dominic Iorfa who scored 3 goals and holds a rating of 7.07! Lastly, we'd have to mention Tom Lees who scored 2 goals and has a rating of 7.06!

Give a Hoot for The Owls!

We bet you can't wait to watch this team play some excellent football on TV and live stream! But, how does one watch Sheffield Wednesday streaming? We recommend checking Sheffield Wednesday TV fixtures to check if Sheffield Wednesday is on TV today!