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QPR TV ja stream

Queens Park Rangers F.C. is a men's professional association football club based in White City, London. The century-old team has entertained its fans in various memorable competitions. To this day, eager supporters watch Queens Park Rangers TV so as not to miss any of the team's live action.Why not do the same, and keep yourself updated with all the games' schedules right here?

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Historical Background

The Queens Park Rangers team was formed as the result of a union between St. Jude's and Christchurch Rangers in 1886. The team got the name Queens Park, since the majority of its players at the time came from the Queen's Park area of town.

Throughout much of the club's existence, it moved around between the national championships. Whilst not always the favourite to win, Queens Park Rangers have always been known for giving it their best, much to the cheers of the fans, who love watching football live streams from home or the pub.


Whilst most football clubs move stadia a few times in a century, Queens Park Rangers have moved through over 18. Information about the team's home before 1886 is sketchy, but it is assumed that some time was spent in the Queen's Park itself. For the next 80 years or so, the club's base would constantly shift. Welford Fields, Latimer Road, and Park Royal Ground were all home to the nomadic club at some point.

Since 1963 the team has been based at Loftus Road after it had left in 1931. The current seating capacity is just over 18,000, but the club's owners are looking to increase this, potentially by moving to yet another stadium.

Ownership and Finances

Over the years Queens Park Rangers F.C. has gone through numerous owners, and its finances have, similarly, fluctuated considerably. In fact, by 2001, the club's future was on the line as it filed for bankruptcy. The club survived these difficult times and is today owned by a consortium made up of the Tune Group, Ruben Gnanalingam, and Lakshmi Mittal. 

Stats and Records

Whilst broadcasting was still being developed, thousands of fans tuned in to watch a Queens Park Rangers live stream against Leeds United in 1974. During this match, a further 35,353 watched the game from the stadium, marking a record which stands to this day. The team's biggest win took place during a pre-season match against Tavistock in 2011, with a result of 13-0. Its biggest League defeat came at the hands of Manchester United in 1969, with a result of 1-8.

Key Players and Notable Honours

George Goddard holds the team's record for most league goals with a total of 37, whilst Rodney Marsh is best-known for scoring a total of 44 goals in a season, including three in the FA Cup. Whilst the team never won the FA Cup, they did make it to second place. The team did, however, win the Football League Cup, along with League Divisions 1, 2, and 3.

Queens Park Rangers TV listings are the best place to find out when is Queens Park Rangers on tv next. In that way, you can plan ahead and prepare a fun time at home in the company of The Hoops.