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Norwich TV ja stream

Norwich City Football Club, fondly known as The Canaries, is a professional football club based in Norwich, South East England. The team which in 2018-2019 played in the EFL Championship has now been promoted to the Premier League for the 2019-2020 season. This has once again put the team in the spotlight and attracted fans from across the world who have started following Norwich City live streams.

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Historical Background

Norwich City was formed in the city on June 17th, 1902, playing their first official match against Harwich & Parkeston in September of that same year. Whilst the team was enjoying rising popularity, it unfortunately went bankrupt as an aftermath of WW1 in 1917. By 1919, the club was reborn, and thousands began filling its stadiums watching it play.

Colours and Crest

The team maintains a very simple and recognisable colour scheme which has been with it almost from the very beginning. The home colours consist of a yellow jersey, green shorts and yellow socks with green lines. Similarly, the team's crest consists of a yellow canary atop a football of the same colour. On the top left of the shield is Norwich's coat of arms, linking the team to the city.


Over the years, the team moved through several stadiums as its popularity and attendance soared. One of its first stadiums was Newmarket Road, which it played in until 1908. Fast forward to over a century and the team today is based at Carrow Road and has a capacity of over 27,000. Thousands more catch Norwich City live stream directly from pubs and living rooms.

Stats and Records

Norwich City's biggest victory lead was registered in 1930 when they beat Coventry City 10-2. This is also the result of their biggest defeat when they played Swindon Town in the 1908 Southern Football League. The club has won the League Cup twice. In 1963 the club registered the highest home attendance figures in a match against Leicester City, totalling 43,984.

Key Players

Kevin Keelan holds the team's record for most appearances, with a total of 673 first team matches held between 1963 and 1980. Ralph Hunt scored a total of 31 goals during a Leauge, which is still the team's highest. Johnny Gavin, however, is the team's top scorer, with 122 goals scored between 1948 and 1955. Steven Naismith's transfer was the team's largest purchase, worth £9.1 million.


Fans of Norwich City tv will certainly remember some of the highest honours which the team received. The team has won the Football League Cup twice and was also a runner-up twice. It was also a champion of a Division 1 tournament, as well as winning two Division Two titles.

Memorable TV Moments

In 2015, Norwich City tv fans were delighted to see their team two goals against Middlesbrough at Wembley. Just four year earlier the greens and yellows had accomplished an astonishing comeback to the Premier League, having been relegated to the third tier just two seasons prior. 

Fans who want to know when is Norwich City on tv can check out their website and then tune in to their favourite sports channel to watch a football live stream from their living room.