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Newcastle TV ja stream

Enjoy a complete schedule of all televised and streamed Newcastle United matches on TV for the 2019/2020 season. Newcastle United is notable for its participation in the Premier League and FA Cup.

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Historical Background

Newcastle United Football Club is one of England's top-tier professional football clubs. It has been participating in England's topmost professional leagues for 86 years, and has never dropped a tier since 1893, when they joined the English Football League

Newcastle United was formed in 1892 when two other clubs, Newcastle East End and Newcastle West End, merged together, which explains their name! After turning professional a year later, they've been a significant presence in professional football, making Newcastle United on TV and live stream a great choice!

A Brave Defence

Fortiter defendit triumphans ('triumphing by brave defence') is the motto of the city of Newcastle upon Tyne, and it's reflected in the city's team! Every football and TV sport fan should give Newcastle United on TV a chance, and here's exactly why!

Colours and Badge

Newcastle United have changed kits a few times: their first kit had red shirtswhite shorts and red socks. Then in 1894, they adopted the black-and-white striped shirt they play with now. However, they played in grey shorts until 1897 and in blue shorts until 1921 when they chose their current black shorts.

The club's badge received a few changes as well: the club wore Newcastle's coat-of-arms between 1969 and 1976. Then, the club used a circular badge which contained their name in full, a magpie in front of the River Tyne and the Newcastle Castle until 1983

Afterwards, the club used a simpler badge until 1988, which featured a circular design of the club's initials, NUFC, and a magpie standing beneath the initials. The current badge is heavily based off the city's coat-of-arms, bearing 2 seahorses and a tower.


This team didn't have a hard time finding their stadium! They have been playing St James' Park since their very beginning! Which means that they haven't moved grounds for over a 100 years! Since then, they've been expanding and improving the stadium to meet modern standards!

Key Players

It's truly difficult to choose which of so many great players to mention, but here are our picks: we definitely have to mention Ayoze Perez who scored an impressive goal against Leicester City, singlehandedly winning the game for the team! We'd do you a disservice if we don't also mention Salomón Rondón, who scored an astounding 9 goals in this year's Premier League!

Honours and Memorable TV Moment

This team is no pushover, and they've proven themselves worthy of their professional status by winning the FA Cup six times, the Football League First Division four times, and the 2006 UEFA Intertoto Cup! Moreover, Newcastle United has the ninth highest amount of won trophies amongst English teams! 

One memorable moment worthy of mention is surely Newcastle United's unexpected victory over Chelsea in 2018! The team were suffering a heavy loss streak and fans feared the worst when Chelsea showed up to play; little did they know that Newcastle United would win 3-0!

A Brave Face for the Brave Defenders

We know, we know: you can't wait to watch this team on TV! But, when is Newcastle United on TV? That's an easy one!