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Millwall TV ja stream

Enjoy a complete schedule of all televised and streamed Millwall matches on TV for the 2019/2020 season. Millwall is notable for its participation in the EFL Championship.

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Historical Background

Millwall F.C., also known as The Lions, is a professional football club based in Bermondsey, South East London. Whilst it is far from being one of the major clubs in England, loyal fans make it a point to catch Millwall live stream whenever they are playing.

The club was founded in 1885 and was originally known as Millwall Rovers. Whilst the team kept Millwall in its name, it stopped playing in the area post-1910. Through the years, the team has seen various successes and disappointments. It mainly alternated between the second and third divisions of the English Football League.

Colours, Crest, and Nickname

Blue has been in the team's kit and badge since its inception, and it continues to be a primary colour even today. In fact, their main kit consists of a navy blue shirt, white shorts and navy blue socks with a white strip. The team's badge consists of a leaping lion, which is why the team is known as The Lions.


Today, fans who do not watch Millwall on tv can catch them at their stadium at The Den. The team moved there in 1993, after more than 80 years in another stadium. With a capacity of more than 21,000, The Den could accommodate a larger number of spectators than its predecessor, known as The Old Den. 


The Lions' biggest rivals are West Ham United, however, the teams rarely get to play each other in a derby since they play in different leagues. When they do, however, they attract thousands of fans in the stadium and watching football on tv. The two rivals played 99 matches so far, with Millwall winning 38, drawing 27, and losing 34.

Key Players

Several players have been indispensable to the team's successes. Fans who watch Millwall on tv or in the stadium will probably remember Barry Kitchener or Keith Stevens, holders of the highest number of appearances for the team. Other stars include Neil Harris, who scored a total of 138 goals for the team during major matches, and Ryan Leonard, the team's most expensive transfer.


Amongst its honours, Millwall F.C. has two winning titles as the Division Two champions. The team also won the Division Three championship twice, and the Division Four championship once. As fans who watch the FA Cup on tv would know, the team was also a runner up once.

Noteworthy Stats and Memorable TV Moments

With a total of 596 appearances, Barry Kitchener holds the team's record, followed by  Keith Stevens with 557. Neil Harris holds the team's record for most goals during Football League and other primary matches, with 138. Memorable moments watched by fans of Millwall during a live stream include Shane Lowry's 35-yard freekick against Charlton Athletic and the first pitch invasion at the new Wembley by Millwall fans.

Fans of Millwall F.C. enjoy following the team in all of their matches. Several sporting websites offer information about when is Millwall on tv, so fans, old and new, can plan ahead. As true fans know, some of the best football on tv comes from smaller teams, such as Millwall F.C.