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Everton TV ja stream

Enjoy a complete schedule of all televised and streamed Everton matches on TV for the 2019/2020 season. Everton is notable for its participation in the Premier League, EFL Cup and FA Cup.

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Historical Background

Everton formed in 1878, making them one of the oldest, still existing teams in England and was a founding member of the Football League in 1888. They won the first of their 9 League Championship two years after that. They won the league at various different stages of its existence, including twice in the 30s, twice in the 60s and twice in the 80s when they won it two years on the trot.

League success aside, they have also won numerous other trophies over the years too. This includes 5 FA Cups and a UEFA European Cup win 1985, when they also won a Premier League title, thus achieving a double. In more recent years, they have been consistent but have very much become a middle-of-the-league sort of club.

Everton on TV

Everton have been one of the most consistent teams in English football with Everton fixtures on TV, being a regular part of Premier League football tv listings over a century. They have seen their fair share of success over that time and Everton on TV has always been an exciting spectacle. 

Although in recent years, they have been overshadowed by their Merseyside rival, Liverpool in successes, Everton fixtures of TV are well-watched events with more and more fans following through their laptops on Everton live streams in a bid to not miss any of the action.

Key Players and Managers

Marco Silva is their current manager and has only been in the job since May 2018, so his results are yet to be seen. Icelandic midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson is a key for the Toffees, netting more than a dozen times this year as well as being involved in several of his teammates' goals too.

Kits, Colours and Crest

Everton are differentiated from their main rival by their royal blue kit which sports their emblem. The emblem depiction of the Everton Lock-Up, a famous landmark in Everton.


Everton’s Stadium is Goodison Park, where they have played since 1892 and has been the venue of all of Everton on TV’s successes over the years. They were previously the tenant of their main rival, Liverpool's Anfield stadium before this but left after a dispute about rent. Goodison Park has a population of around 39,000, which although is sizeable, can't hold all of their following, so many fans still need to watch Everton live streams or Everton on tv to see the action.

Noteworthy Stats and Memorable TV Moments 

In total, they have won 15 different English competitions. This has thus made them the fourth most successful team in top English division and 9th most successful team in the FA Cup. As well as this, they hold the record for longest stay in the top-flight, with record 116 seasons. Thus, they have had a lot to celebrate over their years.

They haven’t seen a lot of success in recent years, so their most recent FA Cup success in 1995 is most likely one of the most memorable Everton on tv events of the last 30 years. This was followed on by a win of the Charity Shield the same year, so it this was a great period of Everton on Tv events for fans.